Ballyneal Golf Club History and Description of the Natural Course


Ballyneal has been evolving ever since Tom Doak struck the first ball in 2006. The fescue sward has taken hold as the course has matured to become one with the native. Letting Mother Nature dictate the flow instead of forcing the flow was paramount in the routing of the course. There are no tee or yardage markers on property to constrain the ability and the imagination to play. The fescue surface and the gusty conditions promote links style golf. The options that are presented by the design, the playing surface and the conditions are limitless. Ballyneal evokes the skills and imagination of golf in its earliest form. Golf at Ballyneal is a game that is an expression of the land, the game and the player. It is not meant to be rushed through or gulped down; it is best played often and with friends, as the guarantee at Ballyneal is that no two rounds will ever be the same.



Ballyneal #7 is ranked the 28th best hole in the world


“For a walking golfer, there can be only be a handful of experiences that rival time spent at Ballyneal – especially if you are on the property with friends. The club is private, laid back and only reached after driving several miles along a dirt road located a few minutes south of Holyoke. While you may be ‘in the middle of nowhere’, the passionate walking golfer will feel very much ‘at home’”

– Rob Rigg, The Walking Golfer’s Society



An expression of the land, the game and the player.           Course Tour