Ballyneal’s accommodations make the senses smile.

Western meadowlarks provide the background music. Paintings, photographs and sculpture speak of links golf and the High Plains. Rare hardcover books on golf and life feel substantial to the touch and to the mind. Fireplaces encourage storytelling. Sunsets, stars and lightning awaken both awe and wonder.

The ancient elements are complemented by modern miracles: high-definition televisions with DirecTV, high-speed wireless Internet, bathrooms and beds that warm and soothe.

The Meadowlark, Ringneck and Terrapin lodges have a total of 24 rooms and 32 beds, and a concierge is on hand daily to assist. Enjoy a massage or steam. Play a spirited game of bocce ball. At Ballyneal, you follow your freed spirit.

Lodging Pictures

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